Cristar Attevan“A Jedi’s essence should be channeled into the tangible, the graspable.”

While his exact origin is unknown, it is said that Cristar Attevan comes from what some consider to be a myth— the planet Tarn-Vedra, located in a distant galaxy light-years beyond the Outer Rim and Wild Space and The Unknown Regions.  The circumstances of how he came to the core worlds are also something of a mystery.  It is known, however, that he was a partially self-trained Jedi, but eventually studied directly under Master Luke Skywalker at the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV as early as 12ABY.  He now makes his home on the Mid Rim planet Furzon XIII.  Finding there a rare and rather unusual aggregation of crystals, gems, and stones that could be used to form the focusing vehicle in the construction of the Jedi lightsaber, he saw the opportunity to create something unique in the New Republic.

Drawing from his apparent background as a fine artist also schooled in technical design, Attevan set up an artistic academy of sorts— a place where fellow Jedi could come for inspiration on the aesthetic properties of lightsaber creation and construction.  Never forgetting the functional nature of the lightsaber as a Jedi’s main weapon— and how that weapon would be inexorably tied to that Jedi—  Attevan felt that the saber’s outward design should also flow from its wielder and be as integral to a saber’s creation as its crystal’s imbuing with the Force. His teachings therefore focus on the visually and functionally creative, and how those qualities can be applied to what some consider a Jedi’s most important and personal possession.

While Cristar Attevan is secure in his role as a New Jedi Order Jedi Sentinel— balancing applications of the Force and Jedi combat skills— he sometimes shares more in common with the likes of the Jedi archeologists, historians, librarians, and geologists, as he devotes as much of his time as possible to the more scholastic and artistic aspects of the Force.  It can be said that he is one of the rare group sometimes known as Jedi Artisans.

Deeply contemplative and meditative, Attevan often suppresses any negative emotions and uses the positivity of his work— his art— as a means to exorcise those feelings.

Not known as one who forms many personal attachments, Attevan keeps only a select few in his close inner circle, including Jedi hand-to-hand combat specialist Rob-Ed Reldan the Younger (and his wife, Kïka, and daughter Cāt'Lihnn) plus D'Min Decimus-Unum (a colleague of Rob-Ed Reldan), and of course Yannus Nosevi.  Another close friend and companion through many of his early missions (and sometimes adventures) as a Jedi was Kanus Luupus, who was rumored to have given Attevan his first lightsaber (a design based roughly on that of Master Obi-Wan Kenobi's and Luke Skywalker's). Luupus passed from this life and gave himself to the Force some time ago.  It is said that Cristar still feels his loss deeply.

As something of a throwback or homage to Jedi Sentinels of the past, Cristar’s personal lightsaber uses a yellow crystal and therefore features a matching yellow blade.  However, perhaps in part to what some consider his “artistic temperament,” he is never constant to one hilt, and often uses numerous other sabers of varying colors, including a matched pair of hilts featuring green and violet blades, two of his earliest creations.  He is also known to fly a somewhat aged (but constantly updated) hyperdrive-equipped Incom/Subpro Z-95 Headhunter.

Yannus Nosevi“Only through understanding both sides of any situation can a Jedi find true answers.”

Sharing an almost equally mysterious origin as Cristar Attevan, Yannus Nosevi is the second half of the Yannus Furzon Saberworks Jedi duo.  Rumored to have come from the Core World planet Altair IV, Nosevi was an independent electro-systems specialist during the late Galactic Civil War.  It is said that while he initially took no sides in the conflict, he eventually came to the service of the Rebel Alliance and the burgeoning New Republic.  By 9ABY, Nosevi was working for the New Republic as a double agent, posing as a technician on several ships and outposts controlled by Grand Admiral Thrawn, leaving a trail of sabotage in his wake, ultimately (if even on a small scale) aiding in Thrawn’s defeat.

Always feeling a strong connection to the Force throughout his life, it was not long after the Thrawn Campaign that Nosevi realized he must answer that call, and began his training as a Jedi.  He studied under Master Kyle Katarn at the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV.  It was there where Katarn first introduced Nosevi to Cristar Attevan.  Yannus Nosevi’s path to becoming a Jedi, however, was significantly more difficult than Attevan’s.  He constantly struggled to balance the both sides of the Force, often feeling the pull of the Dark Side.  There were even stories of Nosevi disappearing for days or weeks at a time, when the inner conflict was particularly strong.  It is also said that upon returning from these absences, Nosevi had no recollection of where he had been and what he had done.

In an attempt to help Nosevi keep himself more centered, Cristar Attevan eventually invited him to become a part of the school he had just established on Furzon XIII, recognizing that not only Nosevi’s technical ability, but also his aesthetic sense would be assets to Attevan’s endeavor.  Together, the duo found balance in their work, and were able to impart that on fellow Jedi through their creation of their “saberworks.”

While his inner struggle was constant, Nosevi found further connection to the living Force when he met medical scientist Kel-Jiin Kazok and her two daughters.  Kazok and Nosevi wed soon thereafter.  The couple eventually settled on a theretofore unnamed planetoid not far from the neighboring Furzon XIII.  That planetoid came to be commonly called Yannus Nihil, obviously after its first settler.  It quickly became more populous, and Nosevi saw it fit to establish the second saberworks location.  While most often still working together, the two locations gave Attevan and Nosevi the opportunity to expand their individual teachings.  Borrowing from the names of the planets on which they were located, the twin establishments were dubbed the “Yannus Furzon Saberworks.”  Nosevi and his wife, eventually having their family expand by one, a son, still live there among numerous newcomers, including many Jedi.

Nosevi still wrestles with both sides of the Force on a daily basis.  Stories of his temporary disappearances, which some believe to be a self-imposed seclusion in times when the Dark Side is overpowering, still surface from time to time.

Much like his friend Cristar Attevan, Yannus Nosevi is known to possess more than one personal lightsaber.  Unlike Attevan’s rotating choice of hilts, Nosevi most often favors one of two: an extra-long, two-handed hilt featuring a cyan blade (possibly with a Sunrider’s Destiny focusing crystal), and a larger, heavier hilt with a curiously orange-hued blade.  He is also the pilot of an updated Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor.