_____This is the second saber in a series of four, with two yet to be built. The idea was to create a collection of "clan" sabers, following the "prequel" idea that many Jedi have similar sabers if they're all in the same clan or similar social structure. The designs were to stay relatively similar, having mostly small physical differences, and then varied paint schemes. Furthering the clan direction, some of the prequel sabers were used as inspiration, as the build started with Master Replicas Darth Maul The Phantom Menace emitter sections as the pommels, much like Plo Koon's or Luminara Unduli's. Master Replicas Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi ribbed sections were used as the lower grip pieces. To finish them off, custom upper hilt/emitter sections were designed, using flared emitters like Kit Fisto's as inspiration, but with the flares larger and more aggressive. (This is also where the first two differ a bit; the amount and size of the flares varied.) A local machinist turned those sections out of aluminum to complete the builds. (Measured drawings were created on the computer, and given to the machinist with all the appropriate specs to create the pieces.)

The second hilt (shown here) is the well-used, weathered version. (The first, Furzon, a pristine "AFBB" hilt, can be seen here. The third and fourth are still in the planning stages.) The choice was made to integrate warmtones/golds into the color scheme, contrasting the existing blacks and silvers of the Luke Skywalker and Darth Maul parts, primarily by adding gold to the neck section. But that same warm scheme was also carried over to the buttons/dials/screws, again using only goldtones.

The same machinist that turned the fore sections also created a metal button (again from measuerd drawings) that is used to hang the hilt on a belt, similar to the Covertec buttons and clips used in the prequel films. This custom button, however, is just a hair shorter in height, and much smaller in diameter than a Covertec.

For the main switch, the decision was made to use a round dial, once again keeping with the prequel look. With most readily-available rotary switches being very large or bulky (or requiring complicated mechanisms like the MR Maul uses) it was decided to just use a regular SPST slide switch and sleeve the slide with some square aluminum bar, which was then drilled through and covered with decorative brass nut, using a small 4-40 set screw to keep it all together. Two countersunken holes for small 4-40 button-head screws were drilled in the hilt body to hold the switch in place. In front of the switch, a brass bicycle valve was installed, housing a purple (UV) LED. (The bike valve is another nod to the prequel sabers, in this case, on the Obi-Wan Kenobi The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones hilts.) The LED was sanded with ultra-fine sandpaper as to just give it a bit of a frosted look, and somewhat diffuse the light. It was wired directly to the MR Maul soundboard inside. The blade LED is a Luxeon III cyan (of indeterminate bin number-- possibly Bin 6). The color is In fact significantly more green than cyan, very close to an actual Luxeon green.

The hilt was sanded, brushed, burnt, and otherwise abused to give it its weathered appearance. Once the paint to the neck was applied (a hammered gold over a coat of black epoxy), it was then partially stripped off. Paint was also partially stripped off the Darth Maul angled section, and some of that paint was replaced with gold. The hilt was even rubbed (and subsequently somewhat encrusted) with dirt, again furthering the battle-worn, in-the-field look.

Even though some Master Replicas parts were used, this saber (along with Furzon) was the first pair for which any part was designed by YFS from scratch and required custom machining. It was very rewarding for both sabersmiths to essentially see something come out of nothing.

Finally, this hilt has been dubbed Yannus (the first of course being called Furzon). As the first true customs to be designed and built by YFS, the naming choice seemed appropriate.

Hilt Statistics:
Existing Hilt Components: Master Replicas Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi (2005), Darth Maul The Phantom Menace (2005)
Length: 12.5"
Maximum OD: 1.8" (at emitter)
Minimum OD: 1.33" (at neck)
Blade Color: Cyan (Green)
LED Type: Luxeon III Cyan
Blade Type: UltraSabers Mid-Grade
Sound Module: Master Replicas Darth Maul The Phantom Menace (2005)