YFSYannus Furzon Saberworks (“YFS”) is the creation of designers and lightsaber enthusiasts Christopher J. Navetta and Gregg Iveson.  While our science fiction fanaticism has spanned both of our lives, in the summer of 2006, we became introduced to the online lightsaber-centric “community.”

Starting out with a collection consisting only of a Parks EL hilt (Chris) and a pair of Master Replicas Force-FX sabers (Gregg), we began to learn more and more about this specialized hobby and how thousands of others across the world were designing, modifying, customizing, and scratch-building these iconic props.

As our interest grew, so did our collection of hilts, blades, and parts, as did our knowledge and experience— and our workshop!  While we are not machinists or manufacturers, in our small shop we’ve succeeded in many Master Replicas Luxeon conversions, and have also expanded into complete custom designs (outsourcing certain parts to the pros), gaining new skills along the way.

The intent of this website is simply to showcase the work we have done.  Some of the pieces are simple LED conversions of existing hilts, some are kitbashed designs, and some are full custom.  With the technology of this hobby ever-changing, we are always trying something new and experimenting with new ideas, and this will be the place where they can be given the spotlight.  And we want to do everything we can to share our love of this endeavour with you!  But we must also say that our efforts would not be possible without the time and talents of many professionals in the community, as well as the advice, ideas, and inspiration of countless others.  (And please visit the Links page to see some of those businesses and individuals.)

So without rambling on any further, let us just say “Thank You” for your interest.  (And an even bigger “Thank You” goes out to our families who have put up with our countless hours of shoptalk and our often near-obsessive attitudes where sabersmithing is concerned!)

May the Force be with you all.

Christopher J. Navetta (Cristar Attevan)


Gregg Iveson (Yannus Nosevi)

This site, its owners, and any participants herein are in no way associated with LUCASFILM Ltd. or any LFL film or franchise.